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DLC: SpaceEngine - Neptune System HD

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This Neptune System HD DLC (addon) contains high-resolution textures of Neptune and its largest satellites, Proteus and Triton. It improves the level of detail of Triton, compared to the default SpaceEngine installation, and replaces the default low-quality JPEG textures of all three bodies with high-quality PNG ones.

Neptune texture (artwork) by "Snowfall".
Proteus texture and elevation map (artwork) by "Snowfall".
Triton texture (artwork in the northern hemisphere) by Alexander Kiryushenko "Dizel777" and Vladimir Romanyuk "SpaceEngineer"
Triton elevation map (artwork) by "Kexitt" and Vladimir Romanyuk "SpaceEngineer"

Source data:
Triton albedo map: Voyager
Image resolution: 14138x7069
Effective resolution: 0.6 km/pix

SpaceEngine - Neptune System HD

Released: 11th Jun 2019

The game is available now.