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DLC: SpaceEngine - Mercury HD

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This Mercury HD DLC (addon) contains high-resolution textures for Mercury. It improves the level of detail of the Mercurian surface compared to the default SpaceEngine installation.

Surface color map combines the MESSENGER low incidence angle mosaic with a color map by DeviantArt user "FarGetaNik". Elevation map is a combination of a stereography-based map with one based on Mercury Orbiter Laser Altimeter data (used for high northern latitudes).

Source data:
Elevation map: USGS Astrogeology Science Center / NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Image resolution: 23040x11520
Effective resolution: 0.66 km/pix

Surface albedo map: MESSENGER PDS mosaic
Image resolution: 92160x46080
Effective resolution: 0.165 km/pix

SpaceEngine - Mercury HD

Released: 11th Jun 2019

The game is available now.